Learn How to Fix Damaged MOV Video Files With Ease

“Yesterday, on my birthday party function, I had recorded some videos with my camcorder. I saved all the recorded videos in my laptop in MOV format thinking as it is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating system. Today morning, when I started transferring that video file to my pen drive for backup my system got shutdown suddenly. After waiting for some time I restarted the system again and try to open that video file and it is displaying some error message like “file could not found”. It seems like the MOV file on Windows was corrupted. Is there any reliable way to repair damaged MOV file? If yes, then please suggest me guys. “

Fix damaged MOVHave you ever been come across this type of situation? If yes, then don’t be annoyed because corruption of video files is quite common scenario. No one wants their video file to get corrupted but due to some unexpected reasons like header corruption, bad sectors, improper file transfer, etc. MOV file gets corrupted. Under such conditions without wasting your money in installing various repairing tool use this result oriented, 100% safe secured software called Fix Damaged MOV tool.

Reasons behind the corruption of MOV video files:

  • While transferring the MOV files from one storage drive to another storage drive if any sort of interruption occurs then it results in the corruption of MOV video files.
  • If the user tries to convert the MOV file format to another file format by using any unreliable third party tools, then it results in the corruption of MOV video files.
  • Sometimes user may face the problem of audio and video synchronization, this means the audio or video will play a head to each other. This problem arises due to downloading corrupted file from the internet, etc. Due to this the MOV files gets damaged.
  • Header of each MOV file stores the file details like file name, file size, file creation and modified date. If it gets corrupted due to any interruption then the MOV video files gets broken.
  • Some other reasons responsible for the corruption of MOV files are hard drive crash, downloading interrupt, unsupported media players, software conflicts, bad sectors, etc.

Unique Features of Fix Damaged MOV Tool:

This software is used to perform damaged MOV repair on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It is used for repairing errors related to MOV files that are stored on storage devices like external USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, USB, iPods, etc. This tool has an advanced built-in algorithm, which helps to fix the large sized MOV and MP4 video files. It is used to repair the MOV files that are unplayable on various media players including QuickTime player, VLC player, Win Amp, Quick Time, and so on. It is used to fix the damaged MOV video files from various brands of camcorders like Sanyo, GoPro, Contour, Nikon etc. At the time of fixing the MOV files this software separates the audio and video of MOV file and afterwards adjoins them to make a playable video file. It consists of preview option, so that the user can have the preview of repaired MOV files before going to restore them.