Know about System integration protection in El Capitan System

4EL Capitan is the latest operating system developed and marketing by Apple Inc. It is the updated version of Mac Yosemite operating system. Generally, El Capitan is the rock formed in Yosemite National park. It is vertical rock which is located in Yosemite Valley. Based on vertical El Capitan rock, Apple Inc. gave the name of their latest operating system. This OS X has mainly developed to improve the performance, security, design, usability and stability. It was first released for end users in 30 September 2015. EL Capitan system is faster than other operating system because in this system application works faster compare to other. EL Capitan system is also having many inbuilt applications such as mail, massagers, multi-touch device trackpad, Safari browser, Notes, System Integrity Protection, window management feature, third-party add-ons for the image application, supports natural language input, Screen Split View, Spotlight search, Mission Control, etc.

Apple Inc. introduced a new feature in El Capitan operating system that is System Integrity Protection (SIP). System Integrity Protection feature in El Capitan system, make it more secure by adding a security layer to protect system itself. Apple implements App Sandboxing, FileVault and Gatekeeper to make El Capitan more secure. FileVault feature is used to encrypt the data where Sandboxing used for restricting the malicious code and Gatekeeper used to download the application securely. This SIP feature of El Capitan system protects the system process, folders, and files for modifying by the other process. By default, this SIP feature is enabled but if user wants, then they can also disable it. System Integrity Protection is the most important step to confirm high level security and also ensure about unauthorized access and reduce the possibility of malwares. Secure Empty Trash commend of Mac system also allows to delete sensitive files from trash folder.

System integration protection El Capitan can be disabled by following simple steps. After staring your Mac EL Capitan system, press command along with R key to access the recovery partition. Once the recovery partition display click on Utilities from the menu bar, after that select terminal, enter the following commend “csrutil disable” into the terminal and press enter key. After completing the process closes the terminal and restart and Mac EL Capitan system, after rebooting, SIP will be displayed. In order to make it enable just follow the above given steps and simply change commend put enable in the place of disable and reboot the system. After restarting the system, it will be enabled.