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Know About Smart Security Cameras

Now a days, everyone wants keep themselves safe and secure. For security purpose, there are a number of devices are available in the market. Security camera is one of them. In market a variety of security cameras available which are unique in own selves. These cameras record each and every activity and also having some… (read more)

Mozilla To Kill Firefox OS, Targets Innovations

Mozilla has formally proclaimed that it’ll end its Firefox OS for smartphones and specialize in connected devices. This development follows the Dec 2015 statement given by Mozilla’s senior VP Ari Jaaksi in his journal regarding Firefox OS. Mozilla said: “Through the work of many contributors we have a tendency to created Associate in nursing awful… (read more)

Improvements In Apple’s Latest iOS, OS X Betas

There are various improvements done in Apple’s latest iOS, OS X betas which are mentioned below. Apple TV Gains Better Voice Control: The newest version of tvOS adds transcription to the mix means you will be capable to dictate text in search boxes rather than clicking arduously to use the on screen keyboard. Apple TV… (read more)

Top 4 Must Have Travel Gifts absolutely for you

The intention of writing this article is to give some names of travel tools which you can probably consider before setting up your next journey. All these tools are having fair prize and are highly trustworthy. Booq Boa Squeeze Bag You may not find anything peculiar on this bag on the first look. But you… (read more)

Know about System integration protection in El Capitan System

EL Capitan is the latest operating system developed and marketing by Apple Inc. It is the updated version of Mac Yosemite operating system. Generally, El Capitan is the rock formed in Yosemite National park. It is vertical rock which is located in Yosemite Valley. Based on vertical El Capitan rock, Apple Inc. gave the name… (read more)